Wednesday, December 07, 2005


My Mother Has gone To Hyderabad, I never felt the real importance of my mother in my life before but now when she is not here (though she has gone for a week only ) it feels that Home isn't home but rather a desert.
Every one else is there, but still when after uni we cum home mom is not home, normally mom is the one waiting for us and whether u go very very early always says "bari daier ho gae aaj anne main " and then amma ko shop pe le ke jana. Daily ka kharcha ammi batati, aaj itna kharcha ho gaya, tum loog bhuhat fazool kharach ho gae ho, aur agle hi lamhe itna sara khujh fuzool main shop se le aati hain humare liye hi ;;;

Mother, the best creation of GOD. Her heart is full of love for her children, she's always thinking about her childen's ease and comfort.
My Heaven is My Mother, No Doubt

It happens we don't realize the importance of some one untill that thing or person goes far away frm us. Amma, always complaining and always dantna, but that dantna is sooooo sweet, actually i am missing her dant mostly, she makes us sleep on time, wakes up early, give food on time and now its like nothings happening, life is more like as if not setteled yet.

The reason i am writing this blog is that, these relations are very precious in our lives and mostly we don't even know the importance of it. So if we take some time from our lives and tell them that how much we love them, that will make that person so happy, and mostly it is very necessary some times, cause when u will not tell some one that u love him/her, how will that person know???Its right that love shudn't be told but felt from ur attitute but Some times it happens that we are busy in our lives and even we love some one but couldn't express or it never comes to our minds to tell them, so just passing a note or telling them that we love them can make alot of difference.
Cause in my view, nothing is important than the relations, basically whatever we do, is for the people we love, so if some thing is making them unhappy or making them feel neglected shud be quitted instantly, life is nothing if we dnt have people who care for u who love us.some times, we shud take some time and tell the people around us that how much we care for them.well, when ammi will come first thing i will do is to tell her that i much i love her and how much i missed her.i love u mom.

Friday, November 04, 2005


The great earth-Quake has left the unkonwn terror and harrasment in All of our hearts, It was a sudden shock. Every one was terrified not knowing what to do, but it was only a matter of taking some initiative.
As fakhir-e-alam took, arranging the PAF MUSEAM, He just took the initiative and called people to help, Every kind of help was seen there whether its a donation of volunteers or the money, floods of people gathered to help to improve the quality of life of the dying people. It was a nice effort, few more people like Fakhir-e-alam could have made alot of difference, Government is still busy to declare the amount of funds on T.V.
The thing that shook me was a piece of news, that they have found some people on the 14th day of the awful incident, and it has been found that they were ALIVE for 12 days, what a miserable life of 12 days they have had.
No One donated what was required, some donation of few helicopters could have made alot of difference rather than donating the money.
The point that i liked most about Fakhir-e-alam, he said he wants things not the money, i found alot of my uni mates busy in buying what fakhir-e-alam told on T.V, Making their own tents, buying medicines.
What i have noticed most in my surrounding is the pharse "the things we are donating are not gonna reach to the needy ones" which irritates me alot. Again i would like to repaet fakhir-e-alam's sentence that "we shud thank GOD that the donation is GOING from us not COMING TO US". if every one starts thinking that whether whatever they are donation will reach there, than no one will donate and definatly nothing will reach to the needy ones, GOD is very great, And he is watching all of us every second, we should help and as Allah has orderd and what ISLAM is all about is to help the mankind of this earth, GOD's gonna give the reward in the heavens, we should perform our side of duty well, and leave the rest to Allah.
Isn't it a Wonder on ONE side some people are eager to help the human kind, and dying to save the souls, some are moved with the incident and asking GOD for forgiveness, but on the other hand people are capturing the donated things and making money out of it, cutting women's arm cause of gold, The Incident is same, but see the difference of minds.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

mA tRiP tO cHOoR

My Brother was posted in chor located near THAR, Its near Indian Border, The Visit to chor was very interesting one. Living in an island of sand ;-)

On our way to choor we came across quite alot of beautiful places.

We went to Lots of places there. The most Important one was “QILLA OF AKBAR” and “THE PLACE WHERE UMER KEPT MARVIE”. It was the same palace, but UMER was of very Long ago. He was a Wadera type, Once he saw MARVIE drinking water from a well, she was very very pretty so UMER wanted to marry her, but she refused as she was already engaged. UMER could not hear the “NO” word, so he Took MARVIE and kept her in his palace, He didn’t hurt MARVIE as he was in love with her, he wanted her to willingly accept the proposal of UMER, but MARVIE being a traditional women, she was engaged so accepting UMER’S proposal would mean that she is betraying his fiancé for money.
It is said that MARVIE stayed there for months but didn’t used any of the luxuries provided to her. She didn’t even combed her hair while her stay.
On seeing such a condition of MARVIE, UMMER understood that she is not made for him. So He Left her free, But the most tragic thing was MARVIE returned home safely untouched, innocent but the people condemned her. They said bad about her character She was not accepted in her village. She was put to death saying that she is of bad character, this type of death is know as “KARO KARI”.

Ahhhh well, the old people were indeed very literate
Another prominent place we visited was Pakistan’s border, While going there we had a lot of fun, It was a 15 min ride on a road, then starts an hour’s ride on a SANDY path, The Sand is very hot and soft there, we had to take out the air of the tyers so that the jeep could go on that sand. The sand is full of THARI plants with lots of snakes, bichos and GOD knows what else, We saw one bichoo only(we also killed a little snake in our home) after some time we came to a railway station, a very historic one, In a way it joins Pakistan with India. Trains used to go to inner Indian areas before independence. Now many plans are being made to reactivate that Station to again join both countries.
At border there was a fence, On one side was Pakistan’s office & on other side was india’s. In that office there was a big hall where meetings between India and Pakistan takes place, now a days lots of friendly meetings were taking place lots of gifts being interchanged, we ate their sweet, and my brother received a shirt’s cloth. Our unit gifted them the SINDHI and THARI AJRAK’S and CAPS. After sunset the Fence Looked very beautiful because of the lightning but we were dying of terror because the guard said that its not safe there because snakes and bichoo come out at night and they have the most pure poison, there is no water in the sand, the snakes don’t drink any water so the poison has no imperfection. Well thank GOD we returned home safely, While our way back our jeep was stuck because of the very up and down routes, The driver told us to get out of the jeep cause riding in the jeep on that bumpy area may cause the jeep to turn upside down, Boy, I was really scared walking on that sand with only moonlight.
I also went to the THARI people, The ladies were wearing GHAGRA’S in such a hot weather, and the bangles, oh my GOD they wore bangles in the whole arm. CHANDA was very nice. They all were Indian and loved to see the Indian drama’s, CHANDA was married when she was 19 years, she had no child.
Its Shocking to See A NEHAR in The Desert
We also went to “DARI JO WERO” its place from where you can see the sun sinking in the sand. It was a stunning site. The horizon and the sand merging together.
We had a very superb trip, where ever we went Ada Waheed arranged lots of tasty dishes and very kool arrangements, every one was respecting so much. I Was feeling like the princess, lots of people around taking care of every little thing.
Boy, wish my man of dreams is in army :-) who knows where and what will He be :-)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Trying To lean To Post

yeps trying to learn to post my articles

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